As there is no approval or certification body for fire pump companies (such as Profluid Ltd) alone, we adhere to the standards and codes of our equipment manufacturers.The LPS 1048, LPCB etc is solely for the design of sprinkler systems –that is the pipe work layout, sizing and calculation. There is provision in LPS 1048 for the use of sub-contracted personnel or non–direct employment in the areas covering fire pumps and equipment – see extract below :

LPS 1048

  • Section 3.7 – fire pumps may be maintained by the fire pump manufacturer, it’s agent or specialised companies.
  • Section 3.8 – Parts to be obtained from the manufacturer or it’s agents.
  • Section 3.9 – Fire pump company to have access to manufacturer’s data and assistance.
  • Section 3.11 -Fire pump company to have 24 hour cover and a stock of approved parts.

A large number of manufacturing plants recently located and built in Ireland, have their fire pump or sprinkler installations designed and installed to NFPA/FM. Profluid Ltd are members of NFPA (for over 10 years) and are completely familiar with the requirements for fire pumps under NFPA 20. There is no company approval or listing under FM rules – only type approval for equipment – Profluid Ltd specialise in FM approved and listed equipment.

Profluid Ltd are familiar with, and adhere to FM approval where required. Profluid Ltd have factory training for any products we sell and only use OEM parts and equipment where possible. (some parts are no longer made by the original manufacturers). Our staff and sub-contractors are either factory trained or are trained in-house at Profluid Ltd. The training courses have been vetted by the manufacturers and have been developed over the years acknowledging the needs in the industry – keeping up to date with the current requirements and any rules changes.

Profluid Ltd are members of :

NFPA – membership no. 2155248.
ECSSA – membership no. 30101.

Profluid Certificate Downloads

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